Ixellion announces that it has contractually completed the acquisition of Aeronautical Services. 

Aeronautical Services has been identified as Ixellion’s operational subsidiary mainly dedicated to R&D, engineering and prototyping. Starting today, Ixellion will be able to take full advantage of Aeronautical Service’s technologies and set up new R&D programs.

The Aeronautical Service acquisition is perfectly in line with Ixellion’s inorganic growth strategy, focusing on existing mature, profitable and scalable businesses in the European Small-Medium Cap market that need advanced technological know-how, financing and networking support to become successful on a global scale, hence driving profitable long-term growth and value creation. Ixellion thereby actively supports the strategic and operational enhancement of Aeronautical Service’s business across multiple areas, including internationalization.

The acquisition of companies of excellence in niche markets in need of a technological turnaround or business acceleration, such as Aeronautical Service, will boost Ixellion’s research and investment capacity in innovative materials (i.e., multi-functional nano-structured composites), as well as the implementation of breakthrough technologies in core sectors.